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The packing guidelines are printed on the side of each box. They are included and expanded upon here for reference.

  • Use Records Management boxes only. See Ordering and receiving boxes above. It is important that only these boxes (which will have Records Management Box ID bar codes already applied) be used. 
  • Pack only one type of record (record series) in each box. If you have any questions about how best to separate your material, contact Records Management. Keeping the material separate allows material to be disposed based upon record series retention policies.
  • Do not send Pendaflex hanging folders. Hanging folders eventually destroy the box, often within the first year of storage. If you must include Pendaflex, pack the files lengthwise in the box to avoid them hanging on the cardboard edges.
  • Do not put any markings on the box. Records Management is a secure facility. Boxes have no labels other than the computer numbers assigned. Any writings you put on the box must be taped over. This is done so that in the event of a security breach no material could be found by browsing the labels on the boxes.

Completing the Box Transfer Form, and submitting a pickup request

Box Transfer forms are now completed electronically, using the RMS On-Line system.  See the user documentation for more information, including a video tour of how to use the on-line Box Transfer process.  

The Box Transfer form contains information vital to the proper cataloging of your material. Careful completion of this form is the single most important step in ensuring accurate access, retention and disposition of your records.  Note that you must complete one on-line form for for each series you are sending to Records Management, but multiple boxes may be included on a single form.  If you need to send more than one record series, simply complete a new for for each one.

The boxes will usually be picked up within 4-6 working hours.

If you have any questions on these packing guidelines, contact Records Management.

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